HR & Compliance

HR & Compliance


To keep our clients ahead of today's rapidly changing benefits landscape, we have assembled a suite of tools and resources that enable employers of all shapes and sizes to customize the framework to best manage their plans. 

We work hand in hand with each of our clients, finding each one the best possible solutions to ease their compliance and HR burdens from day to day.

Solutions for Employers

Stop & Think Education and Discussion Sessions - Third Thursdays. Visit our Events page for details.


EMPLOYER TRAINING #1 - EaseCentral Employer Overview (54 minutes)

EMPLOYER TRAINING #2 - EaseCentral Enrollment Overview (7 minutes)

EMPLOYER TRAINING #3 - EaseCentral Onboarding Overview (5 minutes)

EMPLOYER TRAINING #4 - EaseCentral Onboarding and Enrollment Overview (10 mintues)

Stay in compliance with ACA. ACA Measurement periods compliance and required reporting support tool and management portal.

Total Compensation Statements

Timely updates on HR issues, benefit legislation and required administration issues.  Interacts with your HR360 portal for easy and fast information at your figure tips.

An e-mail port for you to securely send your employees information as needed to easily handle day to day administration. 

Document creation and maintenance

Store and manage your employees data.  From onboarding of a new employee to communicating & tracking their benefits, required notices to emergency contact information.

Interactive Human Resource portal that supports all your HR needs.  These services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Contacts guides for Healthcare reform
  • salary benchmarking
  • FMLA
  • State and federal laws
  • Required employer posters
  • Employee handbook assistance

Knowledge and assistance in accordance with the creation and distribution of required Marketplace and Medicare Part D notices.

Current and Customized versions of the following notices available as yearly subscription of $300; 50% discount when bundled with other compliance documents (Summary Plan Description and/or Premium Conversion Plan).

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Premium Assistance Notice
Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Disclosure
Womens Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA)
Medicare Part D Non-Creditable Coverage Disclosure
Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act
General Notice of COBRA Rights (20+ employees)
Michelle's Law Notice
General Notice of State Continuation of Benefits Rights (less than 20 employees)

Summary of Material Modifications
Marketplace Coverage Notice - ineligible for benefits
Summary of Material Reduction of Covered Services or Benefits
Marketplace Coverage Notice - eligible for benefits
Disclosure of Grandfather Status
Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
Wellness Program Disclosure
Notice of Patient Protections
ADA Notice Regarding Wellness Program
Notice of Special Enrollment Rights
General FMLA Notice
* Bold are automatically provided with DOC services, all others upon specific request

Summary Plan Description (SPD) Wrap and Premium Conversion Plan creation and maintenance with yearly subscriptions of $300 each; 50% discount when bundled with other compliance document subscription services.  

Unlimited questions and answers to an ERISA Attorney. COBRA, FMLA, Healthcare Reform, have questions, we provide the answers!

Coordinate payroll, benefits, and HR from one single system. Employees receive and complete their I9s, W4s, company handbooks, and carrier-specific enrollment forms in EaseCentral

Introduction to EaseCentral's HRIS.

State & Federal Laws
Employee Handbooks
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