Category: Mental Health

  • 27 May

    Protect Your Mental Health with an EAP

    Posted: May 27, 2024   

    Mental health isn’t just the absence of illness. It’s a continuum ranging from severe symptoms such as panic attacks and major depression to excellent mental strength and well-being. Sometimes you’re not ill, but you aren’t well either – and you need help.  If you’re feeling down about work or a problem in your life and […]

  • 13 May

    Caring for Your Mental Health

    Posted: May 13, 2024   

    Overview Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It is more than the absence of a mental illness—it’s essential to your overall health and quality of life. Self-care can play a role in maintaining your mental health and help support your treatment and recovery if you have a mental illness. How can I take […]

  • 28 Feb

    Exceptional & Extraordinary Employees – Don’t Burn Them Out

    Posted: February 28, 2024   

    Are HR professionals relying so much on top talent that they risk increasing the odds that they burnout? Every organization has employees who stand out for one reason or another. They often include your superstars or high achievers. Managers will often turn to these exceptional employees when there’s a special project or deliverable to be […]

  • 20 Feb

    What is Mental Health and Wellness in HR?

    Posted: February 20, 2024   

    Mental health and wellness in HR is the practice of employers caring about the health and stress management of their workers by providing support and resources to prevent burnout. Human Resources professionals include mental health and wellness benefits, such as insurance coverage, employee assistance programs (EAPs), access to apps and counseling, and more. Beyond traditional benefits, […]

  • 15 Jan

    New Year, New You: Mental Health Tips for 2024

    Posted: January 15, 2024   

    As we begin to settle into 2024, many of us are thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  The start of a New Year signals a time for change, reflection and a sense of ‘starting afresh’. This year, you can seize the new year’s spirit of renewal and make mental health your top priority! A healthy mind […]

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