We know that many people are feeling concerned about the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Innovative Insurance is here to help with resources related to your plan including cost and coverage for diagnosis and testing for the COVID-19 virus. Below is a general list of resources from our most popular carriers/plans. We may also recommend reminding employees of your EAP programs.

Full Resources on COVID-19, policies, and flyers by Carrier:
Anthem        Aetna                            Optima Health
Principal       Lincoln                          Ameritas

Further         Mutual of Omaha         Delta Dental

United Healthcare     United Healthcare Allsavers 

United Healthcare UPDATES 3/24/2020
Special enrollment

Download special enrollment FAQs (pdf)

Fully insured: Business disruption support

Download fully insured: business disruption support FAQs (pdf)

ASO: Business disruption and stop loss support

Download ASO: business disruption and stop loss support FAQs (pdf)

Financial, business continuity and reporting

Download financial, business continuity and reporting FAQs (pdf)

Telemedicine Options - highly encouraged as first step for general symptom review.
Virtual Visits are not intended for COVID-19 testing or treatment. Several carriers have eliminated cost of this service for the next few months.
(Note – plans may vary by market size. Please confirm with your agent prior to employee distribution)

Anthem LiveHealth
Aetna Teledoc 
Allsavers HealthiestYou 
Optima Health MDLIVE 
United Healthcare myuhc.com/virtualvisits 


Additional Resources for HR Professionals:
Department of Labor
CDC Guidance for Employers
OSHA standards
Society for Human Resource Officers – Communicable Disease Resource Center
Webinar – Challenges for Employers – Thursday, April 2, 2020 2:00pm -3:300pm

Note: The IRS has announced (Notice 2020-15) that health plans that normally qualify as HDHPs will not lose that status because they cover the cost of testing for or treatment of COVID-19 before plan deductibles have been met. This notice applies only to HSA-eligible HDHPs.

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