COVID-19 Info

We know that many people are feeling concerned about the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Innovative Insurance is here to help with resources related to your plan including cost and coverage for diagnosis and testing for the COVID-19 virus. Below is a general list of resources from our most popular carriers/plans. We may also recommend reminding employees of your EAP programs.

Full Resources on COVID-19, policies, and flyers by Carrier:

AnthemAetnaOptima Health
Principal LincolnAmeritas
FurtherMutual of OmahaDelta Dental

United Healthcare     United Healthcare Allsavers 

United Healthcare UPDATES 3/24/2020
Special enrollment

Download special enrollment FAQs (pdf)

Fully insured: Business disruption support

Download fully insured: business disruption support FAQs (pdf)

ASO: Business disruption and stop loss support

Download ASO: business disruption and stop loss support FAQs (pdf)

Financial, business continuity and reporting

Download financial, business continuity and reporting FAQs (pdf)

Telemedicine Options – highly encouraged as first step for general symptom review.
Virtual Visits are not intended for COVID-19 testing or treatment. Several carriers have eliminated cost of this service for the next few months.
(Note – plans may vary by market size. Please confirm with your agent prior to employee distribution)

Anthem LiveHealth
Aetna Teledoc 
Allsavers HealthiestYou 
Optima Health MDLIVE 
United Healthcare 

Additional Resources for HR Professionals:
Department of Labor
CDC Guidance for Employers
OSHA standards
Society for Human Resource Officers – Communicable Disease Resource Center
Webinar – Challenges for Employers – Thursday, April 2, 2020 2:00pm -3:300pm

Note: The IRS has announced (Notice 2020-15) that health plans that normally qualify as HDHPs will not lose that status because they cover the cost of testing for or treatment of COVID-19 before plan deductibles have been met. This notice applies only to HSA-eligible HDHPs.

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