Thank you Shutterbugs!

Posted: October 10, 2017 10:00 am  

When scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed, I find that images of kids and pets dominate. Okay, I may have ignored mentioning all the political and sports posts. And, all that food! But, who cares about those, right? They just make us hungry and get our blood pressure up anyway. Back to the kids and pets…

I just love seeing sweet sleeping babies; chubby little toddlers with messy faces doing what toddlers do; and all the back to school pictures of the youngsters and I look forward to Halloween costumes. How about those teens all dressed for Homecoming and Prom? And, who doesn't love a cute kitten or playful puppy? How about cows and horses? Who knew they could be so cuddly and mischievious.

Just think in the past, before, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat, we could not keep up with all of the goings on of our friends and family. All these sweet children changed almost completely between visits or holiday cards stuffed with a family portrait. We never saw them in their football uniform or tutu. We didn’t realize that they lost their baby fat and were becoming little ladies and gentlemen.  Admit it, pictures of pets are just plain fun.

Today, we can watch them grow up and really feel that we are part of the day to day action thanks to shutterbug parents and grandparents.

Thanks for brightening my day!