Job Satisfaction in 2016

Posted: April 21, 2016  

What are the keys to attracting and retaining quality employees? Perhaps job satisfaction would be a good place to start. While there are many factors that go into job satisfaction, and they differ by industry, job type, etc.; some key factors seem to apply universally. According to a SHRM 2015 study, the top 5 issues that affect job satisfaction are:

  1. Career development
  2. Relationship with management
  3. Compensation
  4. Benefits
  5. Work environment.

While some of these issues can be related (i.e., relationship with management and work environment), there are more than a few of you who may pick compensation as the number one factor relating to job satisfaction. Whatever the order, these five factors are important to employees’ satisfaction.

What is your plan to increase job satisfaction within your organization? How can you promote job security? Do you share corporate financial data with your employees? Are there non-monetary forms of compensation that would increase satisfaction? Are your benefits considered “beneficial” to your employees? Are there open lines of communication with employees?

While there seems to be a lot of Americans who want and need jobs, put a plan in place to ensure that you are getting the best ones.

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