Beer, Blaze Pink and More

Posted: July 4, 2017  

Effective July 1st Virginia has some new laws that you may find of interest:

The school board/principal will be required to notify the parents of children involved in any incident or allegation of bullying within 5 school days. HB 1709

School security officers can now carry firearms HB 1392.

Hunters can wear pink apparel during firearms hunting according to HB 1939 BLAZE PINK not light pink!

Women can get a 12 month supply of oral contraceptives HB 2267 (insurance limit is still 90 days).

MOVE OVER LEFT LANE DRIVERS – fine for failing to drive on the right side of the highway HB 2201.

Spying or peeping using an electronic device is now a class 1 misdemeanor HB 2350.

Animal control can determine if a dog owner who scratched or bit will need to go to court, if deemed dangerous the owner must obtain a dangerous dog registration ($150) within 30 days HB 2381.

Cigarette resellers will need to obtain a special exemption certificate from the department of taxation or pay the sales tax at time of purchase for resale. HB 1913/SB 1390

Beer, Wine and Booze:

  • New Commercial lifestyle center license will allow people to carry drinks around within the zone limits HB 1987/SB 1391. You can also drink on walking culinary tours SB 1108.
  • Delivery for off-premise beer and wine license for closed containers HB 1801.
  • VRBO, Airbnb and short term rentals can offer alcoholic beverage to guests with a bed and breakfast license SB1578.
  • Once per year not-for-profit organizations with a banquet license can sell closed container of wine as part of any fundraising activity HB1694.