Human Resources and The Cloud

Posted: April 26, 2016  

We have all, at one time or another, been fortunate enough to be hired by a company.  Subsequently, we have all been required to read, sign and return what seems like an endless number of documents.  If you work in HR, you are supremely aware of the enormous amount of paper work and time that is needed to onboard a new employee and ensure compliance for your company throughout the year.  For onboarding, the traditional onboarding a new employee would go something like this:

  1. Access the company’s HR software which typically housed on a local computer.
  2. Find and print all of the necessary new-hire documents such as employee handbook, employee benefits information etc.
  3. Devote a considerable chunk of time for HR personnel to sit with and guide the new employee through each of these documents. 
  4. Once completed and signed, to ensure compliance, the employee keeps copies and HR files their copies in a filing cabinet which already houses hundreds and hundreds of other documents. 

Guess what, next week when the company hires someone else, HR jumps back to square one and the process starts over again…….and again…..and again.

Sound all too familiar?  

A Better Way

With the advent and expansion of cloud computing, HR personnel now have optional approaches which allow them to step into the new century, get away from a paper-based system, and greatly streamline HR and compliance. 

Cloud-based human resource tools (HRT’s), which are generally available by subscription, provide HR Departments instant access to a wealth of information regarding employment and compliance as well as vast document libraries.  The best of these platforms not only provide valuable information, guidance, and a document library; they also allow for the uploading and secure storage of other essential documents such as SPDs and Wrap Documents and relegates that massive metal filing cabinet irrelevant. 

In many cases and because HR personnel are able to access the digital library from any computer, download and/or send electronic documents directly to the new employees to digitally sign, using cloud-based HRT’s will eliminate virtually all document printing and greatly expedite every HR process and ensure compliance.

If you would like to learn more about cloud-based HRTs please watch this video then contact us for an in-depth conversation.