Happy Healthy Hump Day: Anxious and Stressed? Me too!

Posted: November 22, 2017  

As parents, we are anxious sometimes. Are we giving our kids everything they need? Do I spend enough time with my spouse after a full day at work and the kids’ homework, baths, etc? Where is my “me time”? How do we tell when it is normal anxiety or something we need help with?

Sometimes it is difficult to determine when getting nervous or anxious is a normal feeling, and when you might have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety does not always exhibit itself in the same way. Each person experiences anxiety in a different way. Because of this, it is not always easy to know what is considered “normal” and what would be classified as having an anxiety disorder.

To quote Sally Winston, PsyD, who co-directs the Anxiety and Stress Disorder Institute of Maryland, “The distinction between an anxiety disorder and just having normal anxiety is whether your emotions are causing a lot of suffering and dysfunction.”

Ten common manifestations of anxiety are:

  1. Excessive Worrying
  2. Sleep Issues
  3. Irrational Fears
  4. Tense Muscles
  5. Chronic Digestive Problems
  6. Stage Fright
  7. Self-consciousness
  8. Panic Attacks
  9. Perfectionism
  10. Self-doubt

Get all the details from Maria in 10 Common Symptoms of Having an Anxiety Disorder at ThingsHealth.

One thing to remember is that regardless of the severity of the anxiety you experience, there are resources out there to help you deal with it. These include support groups, self-help books and techniques to learn to “shut off your brain” from anxiety.

Three methods for overcoming anxiety are:

  1. Examine Your Anxiety
  2. Avoid Cognitive Distortions
  3. Try Proven Anxiety-reducers

Get the details from wikiHow to Overcome Anxiety.

Give yourself a break, literally! I came across a great quote the other day, “What if you started living your life like you really believed you are enough?” It may lead to a good night’s sleep, less tension, no stomach aches and maybe the confidence to stand up and stand out. To paraphrase Nike, Just Try It!

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