Finally, Telemedicine Lives Up to Its Potential

Posted: April 11, 2017  

Virtual care (telemedicine) is growing rapidly for many reasons including convenience, time efficiency and affordability. More than half of U.S. hospitals have a telemedicine program. This number is expected to reach 70% in just a few years.

Virtual visits can be used for mild symptoms, weekend illnesses or after hour visits, not to mention a much lower cost to the insured than a trip to the emergency room.

Virtual care services are offered through hospital groups and health insurance carriers, as well as standalone health care and wellness entities.

Here are four reasons why virtual care may work for you:

  1. Professional Healthcare Access any time: This can be especially true on weekends or after hours. Virtual care provides access to board-certified doctors.
  2. Cost effective: an emergency room trip can be as high as $700, while a virtual visit is usually under $50.
  3. No waiting rooms: visits can be completed without leaving your home.
  4. Coordinated Care: the virtual doctor can send electronic records of a visit to your Primary Care Physician including temperature and blood pressure readings.

from an article in Corp Magazine ePub, March 30, 2017 by Karen Dybis.

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